Every Friday morning, it had been 40 years,  Mr. Nilai went to get his moustache fixed by the barber on the corner between Via Cenisio and Piazza Caneva, right after the bar and just before the dry cleaner’s. With the newspaper under his arm, Mr. Nilai underwent the weekly ritual. After having passed 7 euro, he sat waiting for them to soften his cheeks by putting a warm towel on his face for roughly 5 minutes. After having had his face rubbed in “columella” soap,  brush cleaned on the  football pools, the barber moved on to the razor  in bare blade. Moustache modeled and cheeks soaked in Prepp cream, 20 minutes after his arrival, visibly satisfied by that only vanity which had  prized him with a certain reputation in the condo he lived in, Mr. Nilai  said goodbye to the barber.

I baffi del signor Nilai

Ogni venerdì mattina, ormai da 40 anni, il signor Nilai andava a farsi disciplinare i baffi dal barbiere all’angolo tra via Cenisio e piazza Caneva, subito dopo il bar e poco prima della tintoria. Col giornale sottobraccio per discutere le notizie più bizzarre, il signor Nilai si sottoponeva a quel rito settimanale. Previo passaggio di 7 euro, si sedeva in attesa che gli ammorbidissero le guance posandogli sul viso, per circa 5 minuti, un asciugamano intiepidito nell’acqua. Ultimata l’insaponatura con il sapone alla columella, pulito il pennello sulle schedine del Totocalcio, il barbiere passava al rasoio a lama libera. Modellati i baffi e passata sulle guance la crema Prepp, 20 minuti dopo il suo arrivo, visibilmente soddisfatto per quell’unica vanità che nel condominio in cui viveva gli era valsa un’incerta reputazione, il signor Nilai salutava il barbiere.


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  1. Pink Bubble says:

    Love the use of writing and photo to outline story and intention behind your photograph. I’m inspired deeply, thank you. 😀

    Pink Bubble

  2. arnoldthearmadillo says:

    I cannot imagine doing the same thing every Friday morning for 40 years 😀

  3. marylholden says:

    Goodbye, barber. Hello sunset.

    Nice to meet both here.

  4. mamacormier says:

    Thank you for visiting and liking my post. Your photos are beautiful.

  5. My grandfather had one of those brushes, and this photograph brings me fold memories of him.

  6. Thanks For liking my blog post : and ditto – much food for inspiration. 😉

  7. kelihasablog says:

    I remember when my father use to use this …. 😀

  8. I think I like Mr Nilai. He seems a sentimental person. Will read the other stories about him. 🙂

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