geneticsEva Nilai, born Ganimede, had inherited two single things from his father: thick mustache and numerous allergies. Being vegan, gluten intolerant, allergic to soy, tomatoes, carrots and sunflower seeds, Eva – once Ganimede –used to get out of the supermarket, after hours of frustrating research, dragging along empty grocery bags.

Genetica al supermercato

Eva Nilai, nata Ganimede, aveva ereditato due sole cose dal padre: i folti baffi e le numerose allergie. Essendo vegan, intollerante al glutine, allergica a soia, pomodori, carote e semi di girasole, Eva – un tempo Ganimede – era solita uscire dal supermercato, dopo ore di frustrante ricerca, con le palle piene e i sacchetti della spesa vuoti.


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  1. Gallivanta says:

    That’s an interesting way to cut down on the grocery bill 😉

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